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It's never too early or late to start training! Our training programs are tailored to keep you and your dogs needs in mind. We use training methods that are both human and dog friendly. Check out our training services below and please contact us if you have any questions!  

Principles of Positive training: 

1. Behavior that is rewarded is more likely to reoccur.

2. Dogs learn by association.

3. Reward behaviors you want, rather than punishing behaviors you don’t want.

4.  Extinction: If a behavior is ignored, it will eventually extinguish on its own.

5.  Positive reinforcement is something the dog wants.

6.  Jackpot! The jackpot is something really special, head and shoulders above the usual reward.

7. Find an alternate behavior. When you want your dog to stop doing something, give him something else to do instead—that is, something that is incompatible with the behavior you don’t want.

8.  Raise criteria gradually in small increments, building upon each success. Simply put, that means don’t expect too much too soon. Build small steps to get from Point A to Point B

9. If trained correctly, behavior is not contingent on food being present. This is something that many people who are opposed to food-reward training don’t understand. If you phase treats out gradually and begin to substitute lots of real-life rewards (like petting, games, the door opening for a walk), your dog will perform the desired behaviors even when you don’t have food with you. 


Training should be fun!

 Initial Consultation 
*Required to start private training sessions

  A consult is the place to start! It allows us to get to know you, your dog and to set you up with a personalized training plan.
Consults are conducted in your home or in specified locations. Sessions include demonstrations by trainer and opportunities for you to practice as well.
$110/80 min consultation



Basic Training
* After Consultation 
For the adult dog who needs a refresher course on the basics or new puppies that need to start on the right paw with training. 

Sessions are conducted in the home or specified locations. 


 *Packages available for discounts on multiple sessions

Behavioral Sessions
*After Consultation
For dogs are exhibiting behaviors such as: 
Nuisance barking 
Barking and lunging on leash 
Adult dog housebreaking & more. 

Sessions are conducted in the home and specified locations. 


*Packages available for discounts on multiple sessions

*Prices are subject to change without notice

"A great hour training session. Lea helped us with off leash training. She was quick to identity our dog's tendencies, explained what was happening and how we could approach the situation. Lea made set up for a training class easy."

-Ayumi I